Activities of the Theme Pollution

The theme "Pollution" aims at a better understanding and quantificationof different processes governing the evolution of photochemical and particulate matter pollution in the lower atmosphere. The objective is to provide accurate spatial representations of various pollutants,at urban to continental scales, including long-term forecasts. The theme is also studying the impact of pollution on construction materials and cultural heritage.

The developed approaches are based on the complementarity between experimental simulation (Chamber experiments), in situ and satellite observations, and numerical 3D and 0D simulation. Work is performed in five areas :

- Axis 1 : Estimation of emissions and dry deposition

- Axis 2 : Chemical processes

- Axis 3 : Simulation of pollution at regional and continental scales

- Axis 4 : POLSAT: Pollution and satellite observation

- Axis 5 : Impact of pollution on building materials