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Alexandra Perron, Fabien Stalport, S. Dupraz, A. Person, Patrice Coll, C. Szopa, R. Navarro-Gonzalez, D. Glavin, M.-J. Vaulay and B. Ménez, Thermal Stability of (Bio)Carbonates: A Potential Signature for Detecting Life on Mars?, ASTROBIOLOGY, 23 (4), 359-371, http://doi.org/10.1089/ast.2021.0202, 2023

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Fabien Stalport, D.P. Glavin, J.L. Eigenbrode, D. Bish, D. Blake, Patrice Coll, C. Szopa, A. Buch, A. McAdam, J.P. Dworkin, P.R. Mahaffy, The influence of mineralogy on recovering organic acids from Mars analogue materials using the ?one-pot? derivatization experiment on the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument suite, Planet. Space Sci., 67, 1-13, 2012

Fabien Stalport, Guan, Y. Y., Patrice Coll, Szopa, C., Macari, Francois Raulin, Chaput, D., Herve Cottin, UV-olution, a photochemistry experiment in Low Earth Orbit: investigation of the photostability of carboxylic acids exposed to Mars surface UV radiation conditions, Astrobiology, 10, 449-461, 2010

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Beltran, C., de Rafelis, M., Person, A, Fabien Stalport, and Renard, M., Multiproxy approach for determination of nature and origin of carbonate micro-particles so-called "micarb" in pelagic sediments, Sedimentary Geol., 213, 64-76, 2009

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