Etuman Elessa
5 years ago
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Pollution oxydante et particulaire

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Elessa Etuman

Publications d'Etuman ELESSA au LISA

Virna Rivera-Salas, Etuman Elessa, Isabelle Coll, Exploring the linkages between urban form, mobility and emissions with OLYMPUS: A comparative analysis in two French regions, Sci Total Environ, 919, 170710,, 2024

Etuman Elessa, Isabelle Coll, Integrated air quality modeling for urban policy: A novel approach with olympus-chimere, Atmospheric Environment, 315, 120134,, 2023

Etuman Elessa, Isabelle Coll, Virna Rivera-Salas, OLYMPUS: An emission model to connect urban form, individual practices and atmospheric pollutant release, Atmospheric Environment, 245, 118013,, 2021

Etuman Elessa, Isabelle Coll, Ines Makni, Taos Benoussaid, Addressing the issue of exposure to primary pollution in urban areas: Application to Greater Paris, Atmospheric Environment, 239, 117661,, 2020

Etuman Elessa, Isabelle Coll, OLYMPUS v1.0: development of an integrated air pollutant and GHG urban emissions model – methodology and calibration over greater Paris, Geosci. Model Dev., 11, 5085-5111,, 2018

Julie Prud'homme, Isabelle Coll, Etuman Elessa, Vincent Viguié, Nicolas Coulombel, Coupling spatialised models to evaluate the effects of urban densification on air quality in the Paris metropolitan area, International Journal of Spatial, Temporal and Multimedia Information Systems, 1 (2), 134-150,, 2017

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