Laboratories of Excellence (LABEX)

Program of Innovation for the future (PIA)


In the frame of Program called Innovation for the Future, three projects of Labex (EPS, FUTURBAINS, L-IPSL) in which LISA is involved were selected by an international jury.


ESEP (Space Exploration of Planetary Environments) is a Labex consisting of a network of teams of laboratories (located in Ile de France and in the Centre region) working in the field of the space exploration of planetary environments. Space instrumentation is the main issues of this Labex. The theme of "Exo-Astrobiology: physical organic chemistry of Planetary Environments" of LISA is involved in this Labex worn by theParis Observatory.


FUTURS URBAINS is a network Labex that proposes to integrate on a same site all of the researches in social sciences and environment related to the urban environment. The Labex will aim to strengthen the channels of education in these areas and articulate activities between basic research and application developments.  The two themes “The evolution of organic carbon and its impacts" and “oxidizing pollution from local to continental scales" of LISA are involved in this Labex worn by the PRES University East Paris.


L-IPSL (Labex- Institut Pierre Simon Laplace; Understand the climate and anticipate future changes) is a Labex in network linking the six laboratories of the Federation of Research CNRS IPSL and two other laboratories IDES and Sisyphe. The objective of this Labex is driving activities leading to a better understanding of climate change and a better assessment of the consequences of these changes for the society. The two thematic "Cycle of desert aerosol" and "Spectroscopy and atmospheres" of LISA are involved in this Labex worn by the CNRS.