Numerical models

LISA develops and/or uses digital tools to model spectra, reverse satellite observations data, to study chemical processes, quantify dust emissions, or even to perform atmospheric modeling coupling emissions, transport, chemistry and deposition.


Modeling and simulation of Spectra  Inversion of the IASI data Explicit generation
of chemical schemes
 Objective : calculate the energy levels, intensities and profiles of molecular lines.  Objective : Reverse infrared spectra fromsatellite IASI to determine concentration profiles or integrated chemical species content. Objective : describe explicitly the oxidation multiphasic of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the atmosphere




Modeling of dust emissions  Chemistry-transport models OLYMPUS Emisson Model
 Objective : quantify emissions of desert aerosols by describing their spatial and temporal variability  Objective : Analyze and forecast fields of concentrations of chemical and particulate species

Objective : Model emissions from anthropogenic sources.