Observation systems

Observation systems

LISA has instrumental sets designed to measure continuously over long periods the concentrations or the atmospheric content of some gaseous or particulate compounds.

This long-term approach of observations permits, with a given samplingdataset, to collect data covering long periods of time to study both the temporal variability of the compounds monitored at different time scales (daily, seasonal, annual, inter-annual) and their possible evolutionary trends.



Sahelian Dust Transect

Set of 3 stations located in the Sahel and measuring dust content dust deposition associated with, since 2006

Objectif : estimate the role of fluctuations in inter-annual monsoon and the use of soil wind erosion and transport of minerals to the tropical North Atlantic aerosols



Atmospheric observation by solar infrared spectroscopy

Measurement device for atmospheric gases constituted of a heliostat and Fourier transform infrared spectrometer

Objectif : measure the content of trace gas, in particular the ozone, in the atmosphere of Isle-de-France