Morphologic characterization, particle size and elemental chemical analysis. These instruments are part of the chain of microscopes of the Common UniversityService of the Electronic Analytical Microscopy of the UPEC (SCUMEA) whose management is provided by LISA

Scanning electronic microscope (SEM) to electronic field effect, JEOL ® 6301F**, coupled to an analyzer by spectrometry of x-ray energy dispersion OXFORD ® - Isis Link



Electronic transmission microscope (ETM), JEOL ® 100CXII**, coupled to an analyzer by spectrometry of x-ray energy dispersion, PGT-Avalon and GATAN CCD ® camera

Interferometric microscope or profile-meter, VEECO Wyko NT1100**




Allows the study of massive samples like solid particles of the atmospheric aerosol collected on membranes or materials (stones, glasses, metals…)


Allows the study and the instantaneous acquisition of images of solid particles of a few nanometers in thickness, directly collected or transferred on MET grids by dissolution of the sampling membranes


Microscopic interferometry byaxial scanning in white light: a technical “step-height”measurement non-destructive. It allows to studynanometric roughness but also the morphology giving access to a 3D representation of a micrometric surface. This measure can be applied to all types of materials or particless

* The laboratory also has the instrumentation required for the preliminary preparation of samples (light microscope, metal and metal deposition).

** see technical characteristics of devices- link SCUMEA