Multi-elementary measurements

Multi-elementary analysis of environmental major, trace and ultra-trace elements

Panalytical X Fluorescence spectrometer 2404, 4 kW, wavelength dispersive spectrometer

ICP - AES Arcos de Spectro


ICP - MS HR Element 2 S/N 3980 of Thermo Fisher Scientific

Principle: measure the fluorescence of atoms in x-ray range


Application : analysis of solid samples in thin layer (aerosols collected on membrane) or under a pearl form (soil analysis).


Principle: measures emission lines of the atomized and excited elements under the thermal effect of plasma

Application : dosage of elements in precipitations as well as solid samples on taken on membrane, previously dissolved in an alterative solution.

Principle: measures the mass/charge ratio of elements ionized under the thermal effect of the plasma.

Application : dosage of trace elements in atmospheric deposition and determination of the isotopic ratios.