Axis 2: Research & Technology Developments

Works in this axis move in particular towards the development of sampling systems or analysis for space exploration. These multi-year programs are funded by the French Space Agency (CNES), and can lead to enhancement activities such as patenting.

As an illustration we present R&T PSD for "Preparation of the sample device". The objective of this R&T action aims to extract the refractory organic matter of any mineral matrix of a planetary surface by thermal and/or chemical processing (derivatization).

View of the first "PSD" prototype in Computer-Aided Design and in the laboratory (main subcontractor: Mecano ID)

Other actions of spatial R&T :

- R&T Helium Ionization Detector (in progress)

- R&T Micro Electro - Mechanical Systems (in progress)

- R&T Ion-guide for ILMA (in progress)

- R&T µ-Liquid Chromatography (in progress)

- R&T Capillary Electrophoresis (under evaluation)