UPEC is a member of SPACE-IDF, the future "Space Academy of Ile de France"

Published on Tuesday, 27 June 2023 15:29

UPEC is a member of SPACE-IDF, the future "Space Academy of Ile de France", through the involvement of LISA researchers.



The Paris Air Show was the perfect opportunity for Minister Sylvie Retailleau to announce the winner of France 2030's "Skills and Professions of the Future" call for expressions of interest: the SPACE-IDF project for the creation of a Space Academy for the Ile-de-France region. This academy will provide training in the space industry at all levels of education, while emphasizing collaboration between laboratories and companies. The three main themes of this project are space platforms and their debris, payloads and launcher design.

With a total budget of around 90 million euros, including 21 million euros in direct support from the French government, this project, led by Université Paris-Saclay, brings together a consortium of several Ile-de-France universities, including UPEC, and companies in the space industry. Already involved in apprenticeships in space-related professions thanks to the Space Campus opened in 2017, LISA is involved in the SPACE-IDF project through Hervé Cottin and Juan Cuesta. Juan Cuesta is one of the people in charge of ensuring the cross-functional nature of the project. Together, they will be working, among other things, on the creation and development of new training courses, such as the new joint international master's degree between UPEC and the Cape Town University of Technology in South Africa in space science and technology, apprenticeships, international mobility, internships and CIFRE theses.


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