Jobs offers

Last update 13 june 2024




- CDD 1 year - Materials science/characterization research engineer

- CDD (1 year) Research Engineer - Mass spectrometry expert




- Development of Supercritical Fluid Extraction of extraterrestrial organic matter: meteorites and Martian analogues

- Assessment of secondary pollutant formation pathways under mixing of anthropogenic and biogenic pollution mixing conditions: the case of summer 2022, proxy for a future hotter climate.

- PhD position on "New in situ and satellite observations of complex aerosols over Namibia" . The position, described in attachment, is fully funded (CNES/GRASP-SAS) - The closing date for application is March 15, 2024.

- PhD position on "Hygroscopic properties of complex aerosol mixtures " - open for application online HERE

- Funded PhD position to develop a CHON+PS chemical scheme validated at high temperature with application in planetology

- Empreinte environnementale de l’agriculture : surveillance de son impact sur la qualité de l’air depuis l’espace

- Développement d'instrumentation pour une spectroscopie simultanée THz et IR



- Postdoctoral position on "Optical and hygroscopic properties of desert dusts during ageing by volatile organic compounds: experimental study (CLIMDO project)"


Master 2

- Optical modeling of the non-sphericity effect of desert dust

- Spectral optical properties of fire and megafire aerosols on a global scale

- Experimental study of the composition and mineralogy of high-latitude dust

- Restitution of the complex refractive index of desert and volcanic aerosols in the mid (MIR) and far (FIR) infrared.