First international “Lampedusa” data workshop

Publié le lundi 21 octobre 2013 14:44

Following the First ChArMEx Special Observing Period (SOP1-a) in June-July 2013, the First international “Lampedusa” data workshop will be held at the Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques in Créteil on 24-25 October 2013.

Since 1993, the Island of Lampedusa (35°31'N, 12°37°E) hosts the ENEA Laboratory for Climate Study “Roberto Serao” (WMO/GAW/NDACC) to monitor changes in greenhouse gases, aerosols and radiation.

As a supersite of the ChArmex SOP1-a, the station has been augmented by the PEGASUS mobile station developed by LISA to investigate the in situ properties of aerosols and trace gases of various origins (pollution, marine, mineral dust, biomass burning). The ground-based measurements have been completed by several coordinated overpasses of the ATR-42 and the F20 of SAFIRE.

The goal of the two-day workshop is to summarize the main achievements of the field campaign and to implement the scientific strategy for their exploitation and valorization through peer-review papers and international conferences.

The workshop will gather together scientists from various laboratories in France (LISA, LA, LOA, IrceLyon, LSCE, CNRM, LATMOS, LPCA), Italy (the Unit for Environment and Energy Modeling of ENEA, the Environmental and Health Physics Laboratory of the University of Genoa), Spain (University of Valencia) and Switzerland (World Radiation Center).