VITE! (Villes et transitions énergétiques)



The research project VITE! aims to highlight the issues as well as the social, territorial and environmental effects of energy transition strategies implemented at the scale of an urban area. It also aims to produce a diagnosis of the potential for mobilizing stakeholders and individuals.

Taking the case of the Île-de-France region, and based on the energy guidelines defined in the framework of the regional strategic planning (PDUIF, SDRIF and SRCAE in particular), the project explores the effects of those strategies, whether direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional and beneficial or harmful. The analysis relies on the following parameters: resource, materials, energy and pollutants flow in the city, as well as economical parameters and quality of the energy supplied.

The implementation of the project VITE! is based on a continuous and organized confrontation between qualitative and modeling approaches, as well as on close interactions with a set of local public stakeholders with whom long-term collaborative relationships have been established by the project partners.

At LISA, the work focuses on the implementation of an innovative and multidisciplinary urban modeling platform, developed within the framework of the Urban Futures LabEx, and based on the following models: NEDUM (land use-transport interaction, CIRED); MODUS (traffic, LVMT); OLYMPUS (modeling of behaviors related to energy consumption, calculation of emissions from mobility and heating of buildings, LISA) and CHIMERE (air quality, LISA).

The environmental and social-spatial effects of the scenarios studied are analyzed according to the urban structure, the transport supply and the mobility and energy consumption behaviors. The socially differentiated effects of the measures implemented are also apprehended.



Contact LISA : Isabelle Coll

Financement ANR – 2014/2019

Laboratoires impliqués : LATTS (porteur) – AUSSER – CIRED – LISA – LEESU – LVMT – SPLOTT

Arthur Elessa Etuman and Isabelle Coll, OLYMPUS v1.0: Development of an integrated air pollutant and GHG urban emissions model - Methodology and calibration over Greater Paris, Geoscientific Model Development, 11, 5085–5111,, 2018.

J. Prud’homme, I. Coll, A. Elessa Etuman, V. Viguié, N. Coulombel, Coupling spatialised models to evaluate the effects of urban densification on air quality in the Paris metropolitan area, Int. J. of Spatial, Temporal and Multimedia Information Systems (IJSTMIS) - Vol. 1, No.2  pp. 134 – 150, 2017