POLL-EXPO (Public policies, urban Organization and Logistics as Levers for EXPOsure)



The project proposes to assess the amplitude of exposure to air pollution in the Greater Paris, as well as environmental inequalities, through the simulation of integrated urban scenarios. These scenarios aim to simulate various public policy measures (regional planning schemes and climate policies in particular), but also integrate urban form and organization (density and mix of the fabric, transport of people and goods) as well as individual behaviors related to mobility and energy consumption practices.


The simulations will be implemented on the transdisciplinary urban modeling platform including the NEDUM/MODUS, OLYMPUS and CHIMERE models. Modeling activities will be responsible for linking urban structure, transport demand, energy consumption, pollutant emissions and air quality at the local scale. The analysis of the simulations will focus on both the environmental impact (concentrations of air pollutants and exposure) and the social and environmental inequalities that the scenarios generate or promote. Specific work will be done on the impact of freight transport on energy consumption, traffic congestion and air quality.


The works will be applied to the Ile-de-France region, with specific focus on the Val-de-Marne district through urban planning case studies with the support of the Val-de-Marne General Council. A comparison and analysis of a possible transposability of the results will be carried out by the joint realization of modeling works on the city of Barcelona, with local partners.


Contact LISAet porteur du projet : Isabelle Coll

Financement PRIMEQUAL - 2018/2021

Laboratoires impliqués : LISA – CIRED – BSC– Lab'Urba – LVMT – SPLOTT



Eléments de calcul de la plateforme OLYMPUS développée au LISA.