PEGASUS is a mobile platform equipped with an optimized set of instruments :

- for the collection, in the atmospheric boundary layer of samples of gaseous pollutants (volatile organic compounds, oxidized organic compounds, radicals, ….) and particulate matter from anthropogenic (sulfate, carbonaceous aerosols,...) and natural (desert dust, aerosols organic secondary biogenic…) origin

- for the real-time analysis of the concentrations of the gaseous species and the physical and optical properties of aerosols

Carried out in the standard "container" format, PEGASUS is a field mobile laboratory-observatory which approaches the same qualities of equipment, space, cleanliness standards than those existing in the laboratory.

This platform consists of :

  • An "observatory" area equipped for the collection and in situ characterization of aerosols and gaseous compounds. The observatory area is equipped with environmental analyzers like those equipping the air quality monitoring stations. Thesesampling devices and online chemical analysis areassociated with a set of instruments for the determination of physical properties (size, shape, hygroscopic and optical properties) of aerosols. Other instruments can complement this observatoryaccording to the specific needs of campaigns.
  • A "laboratory" area equipped to quickly analyze samples collected in the "observatory" area. This mobile laboratory offers a level of cleanliness equivalent to that of a class 10000 clean room. It is equipped with benches, laminar flow hoods, water filtration systems, refrigerator and freezer for the conservation of samples...