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Since 2015, the "Sahelian Dust Transect" is part of the National Observation Service INDAAF (International Network to Study Deposition and Atmopsheric chemistry and AFrica) supported by the French INSU-CNRS and the IRD .

The description of the network, the data policy and the database are now available at : https://indaaf.obs-mip.fr

Data are distributed as monthly or annual data sets, in ascii or netcdf format

PM10 concentrations : Hourly mean are computed from the 5 min measurements. The level 0 data set is composed of the hourly mean raw data. The level 1 data sets include a selection of the data as a function of the wind direction to select wind sectors in which Saharan dust is transported. The selection criterias are those described in Marticorena et al. (ACP, 2010). In M'Bour only the wind sectors from 30° to 150° are selected to avoid air masses coming from the town and from the see. The same selection is applied for the station of Bambey. In Banizoumbou and Cinzana, during the dry season (October to April) wind sectors coming from the south (90° to 270°) are rejected to exclude transport of biomass burning aerosols. The level 2 data set includes a selection of the data as a function of anomalies reports by local operators. The 5 min data are available on request

Meteorological parameters : Hourly mean are computed from the 5 min measurements. The level 0 data set is composed of the hourly mean raw data. The level 1 data set corresponds to the data for which concentration data are retained when applying the wind directions criteria, to be consistent with the level 1 concentration data set. Data for which anomalies are reported for the wind sonic are also discarded. The level 2 data set corresponds to the meteorological data of level 1 for which concentration data have been retained at level 2. The 5 min data are available on request.

Deposition fluxes : The deposition fluxes are computed based on the mass of the collected samples (corrected from the blank) divided by the surface of the collector and the duration of the sampling. They correspond to the level 1 data set. Data files including the average concentration and average meteorological parameters for the sampling period are also distributed.

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The public domain data you are about to download are contributed by the LISA (Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques ; UMR CNRS 7583; Universités Paris-Est Créteil - Paris Diderot) and the Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers EFLUVE (Enveloppes Fluides : de la Villle à l'Exobiologie; UMS CNRS 3563, Université Paris Est Créteil).

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