Compiled UV Spectra of triacetylene (C6H2)

Download File for low temperature photolysis calculations : 1 nm intervals file

Compiled from best available data on C6H2 : Kloster-Jensen et al. (120-185 nm , 300 K), Shindo et al. (185 - 320 nm, 233 K)

References :

- Kloster-Jensen, E., H.J. Haink, and H. Christen, The Electronic Spectra of Unsubstituted Mono- to Penta- Acetylene in the Gas Phase and in Solution in the Range 1100 to 4000 A. Helv. Chim. Acta, 1974. 57(6): p. 1731-1744.

- Shindo, F., et al., Ultraviolet and infrared spectrum of C6H2 revisited and vapor pressure curve in Titan's atmosphere. Planetary and Space Science, 2003. 51: p. 9-17.