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Compiled UV Spectra of acetylene (C2H2)

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Compiled from best available data on C2H2 : Wu el al. (120-190 nm , 150 K), Benilan et al. (190 - 230 nm, 173 K)pérature désirée :

References :

Wu, C.Y.R., F.Z. Chen, and D.L. Judge, Measurements of temperature-dependant absorption cross sections of C2H2 in the VUV-UV region. J. Geophys. Res., 2001. 106(E4): p. 7629-7636.

Bénilan, Y., et al., The long wavelength range temperature variations of the mid-UV acetylene absorption coefficient. Planet. Space Sci., 2000. 48(5): p. 463-471.